Educational Programs

Education will be the hallmark of the U.S. Marshals Museum.  Although, ground has not been broken for the building, museum staff are already working with schools and offering public programs that reach children and adults.

 Safe Kids! is an annual safety fair that brings together agencies and organizations dedicated to protecting children.  In 2011, more than 250 children and their parents attended the 4th annual event and learned about electrical safety; how to exit a burning building; how to dial 911; and much more.  In addition, DNA LifePrint, a company based in Davie, FL, was present and provided parents with free DNA LifePrint kits that included biometric fingerprinting, a digital photograph, a take-home DNA cheek swab, and a journal that includes the top-questions law enforcment officers will ask when a child goes missing.  Designed to last for years, these kits are a wonderful tool to have on hand should something happen to your child.

 Teacher Resources:

In 2009, the U.S. Marshals Museum received funding from the Arkansas Humanities Council to create and distribute primary source material toolkits to Arkansas teachers.  In 2010, the Arkansas Humanities Council graciously funded the production of an additional kits due to their popularity.  These kits include electronic reproductions of 31 primary source materials (photographs, letters, arrest warrants, court judgements, political cartoons, etc.) covering the years 1789-1860.

The subject matter is divided into three main sections:

  • Establishment of Our Nation
  • Exploration of Slavery (The Amistad and the Fugitive Slave Law)
  • Early Challenges (The Whiskey Rebellion and the Sedition Act)

The toolkit includes:

  • a laminated copy of the U.S. Constitution suitable for hanging in the classroom
  • a supplemental guide with background information on all of the primary materials and individuals
  • a CD-Rom with electronic copies of all documents and background material (perfect for printing classrrom sets)

For more information on the toolkits or to schedule a teacher workshop, please call Jessica Hayes at (479) 242-2634 or jhayes [at] usmarshalsmuseum [dot] com (subject: Toolkit%20Project) (e-mail).