USMS Commemorative Coin Update

On April 3rd, 2012, President Barack Obama signed into law the U.S. Marshals Service 225th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act.  This Act provides for the minting of three coins, a $5.00 quarter ounce gold coin, a $1.00 silver dollar, and a half-dollar clad coin, in commemoration of the dedication and achievements of the USMS over its 225 year history.

The final designs were selected by the Secretary of the Treasury, after consultation with the Director of the U. S. Marshals Service and the Commission of Fine Arts, and reviewed by the Citizens Coin Advisory Committee. Each coin presents realistic and historically accurate depictions of different aspects of the USMS.  The $5 gold coin commemorates the 250 + Marshals and Deputy Marshals who have been killed in the line of duty. The $1 silver coin depicts the frontier marshals, while the half-dollar clad coin portrays the involvement of the U.S. Marshals in our changing nation, through their involvement in some of the most significant events in U.S. history.

The coins will be available for purchase by the public in early 2015.  Coins will be available through the United States Mint’s website. Visit the following websites for more information about the U.S. Marshals Service 225th Anniversary Commemorative Coin.


2015 US Marshals Service Commemorative Coin Design Candidates